“It teaches me how to communicate.” (Student)

“I can tell a story.” (Student)

“The skills learned will prepare me by learning to make a plan for my future and make a commitment and stick to it.” (Student)

“It gives me life long skills.” (Student)



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Silver Bullet Productions (SBP), a not-for-profit 501(c)3 New Mexico corporation operating since 2005, is an educational filmmaking program for rural and tribal communities and students. SBP engages students and community members in an educational workshop or the creation of a film relevant to the geographic, cultural, historic or economic vision of that community. The impact is educational change, historical awareness, and preservation of culture.

friends at a SBP workshop


Silver Bullet Productions’ mission is to encourage educational achievement in New Mexico’s communities through a filmmaking program that empowers students, impacts academic and economic opportunities, and preserves community culture and heritage.


SBP believes that relevant learning decreases drop out and increases educational success for a community. “Relevancy” is when the teaching, skills, and materials are connected to a student’s culture and history, and will be useful learning tools immediately and in the future.

SBP creates relevant educational experiences in two ways: student workshops in writing and filmmaking, leaving the new camera equipment with the community to continue history preservation and story telling; and SBP creates network worthy documentaries for teaching and national use to expose esoteric topics, shatter stereotypes, and expand cultural preservation.

SBP student workshop Nambe




SBP has completed over 35 educational film projects, including documentaries, Public Service Announcements, and screenwriting and acting workshops in pueblo and rural communities. Our student workshops foster suicide prevention, dropout reduction and anti bullying. SBP Documentaries have won four regional Emmys®, and the prestigious Accolade award for Excellence, and have been accepted to film festivals internationally. Our workshops were awarded the highly sought San Manuel Band of Mission Indians’ Yawa’ award for Putting Actions to Words. Most of all, our posttest assessments indicate student improvement in skills and aspirations.


Video by San Manuel Band of Mission Indians



With no paid staff, SBP funds go to the mission. Donations, grants, and our bi-annual fundraiser provide camera equipment for students and teachers, student workshops, pre and post assessments of skills and aspirations, curriculum development and production costs for award-winning educational films “Modern Leaders, Ancient Pathways,” “Canes of Power” and “A Thousand Voices.”


Next SPB Documentary is Underway

Silver Bullet Productions is in pre production on our next educational documentary, the ancient and modern role of the Warrior.  

Warrior statue
photo © David Aubry and Indian Pueblo Cultural Center  

We invite you to support this project, share in the pride that will come from completion of another quality use of film to engage students and communities, to shatter stereotypes, and to stimulate pride or changed perceptions. Support our team of tribal leaders, award winning professionals and educators. To find out more please contact Silver Bullet Productions at 505-820-0552 or pampierce@silverbulletproductions.com.

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Silver Bullet Productions has fourteen volunteer members on the Board of Directors and one volunteer manager with expertise in education, film, community awareness and relationships, government agencies, marketing and development, law, and long term planning. Silver Bullet Productions also has the guidance of fifteen Advisors and Honorary Board members.